Terms of Use/Privacy Policy

The Dot Expressway has been developed to improve business partner access to Dot Foods, Inc.’s products and services.


The Dot Expressway is made available to our business partners on the condition that your company and its employees will not disclose any confidential and/or proprietary information. Such information includes access codes, passwords and URLs, as well as Dot Foods, Inc. product pricing data. Use of the Dot Expressway constitutes your company’s agreement to maintain the confidentiality of such information and to accept liability for any damages and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred by Dot Foods, Inc., resulting from any unauthorized disclosure of information by your company’s employees and representatives.


The Dot Expressway will provide information on products that Dot Foods, Inc. sells and distributes. This will be done through links, banners, etc. A representative of Dot Foods, Inc. may contact you if you click on any of the product information on the Dot Expressway.


The Dot Expressway uses your searching and device data from programs such as Google Analytics and 51 Degrees to collect better information on our user’s behavior, demographics, and search patterns. This data will improve your experience and help us customize future enhancements to the site. This data is used for the Dot Expressway only. This data is not sold or shared with any outside sources.


Accepting these terms gives Dot personnel permission to collect your data on your behavior on the Dot Expressway for our internal use and follow up with you on any inquiries made by you on the Dot Expressway.